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Paying attention to people's livelihood is the basis of tax
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2018-12-24Industry information游客:166

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 22nd: Xinhua commentary: Focusing on people's livelihood and accepting public opinion is the basis of tax reform

After many rounds of extensive solicitation of opinions, on December 22, the State Council issued the Interim Measures for the Special Deduction of Individual Income Taxes. This new regulation, which will be implemented with the new tax law on January 1 next year, is the most concerned part of the new round of tax reform. It marks the country while releasing the tax "personalization" tax reduction. The reform of the tax system has taken a crucial step in the shift from classification to syndrome tax.
The special tax deduction for a tax is simply that the taxpayer calculates the tax payable for the tax. After deducting the special deduction of 5,000 yuan "starting point" and "three insurances and one gold", it can also deduct the education of children, in-service further studies, and cure serious illnesses. Some related expenses such as buying a house, renting a house, and supporting the elderly. This new regulation conforms to the public opinion and considers the difference in personal burden, which is more conducive to tax system fairness.
A key step in tax reform is hard to come by. The tax law has undergone seven major overhauls since its introduction in 1980. Compared with the previous ones, the seventh overhaul completed at the end of August this year is called "a fundamental reform of the tax system." In addition to implementing a syndrome tax on some of the income, optimizing the tax rate structure, and raising the “starting point” from 3,500 yuan per month to 5,000 yuan, one of the highlights is the addition of special additional deductions for the first time.
It is even harder to make a key step in tax reform. The State Council has clarified that the six special deductions for individual taxes—child education, continuing education, major illness care, housing loan interest or housing rent, and the scope and standards for specific deductions for the maintenance of the elderly, are all related to the immediate interests of the people. The introduction of the measures fully listened to public opinion, collected public opinion, and reflected public opinion. Before formulating the measures, the finance and taxation department first grasped the first-hand situation through field research and discussions with people from all walks of life, and then publicly solicited opinions from the whole society. The final approach absorbed a lot of public opinion and made many adjustments. For example, the maximum amount that can be deducted from the medical burden of a major illness is increased from 60,000 yuan to 80,000 yuan, and can be deducted by either spouse, taking into account the burden of the patient's family.
The key to implementing a tax reform is to implement it. The Central Economic Work Conference clearly stated that it is necessary to implement the special additional deduction policy for personal income tax. For tax authorities, withholding agents and taxpayers, special deductions are new. The implementation of the new laws and regulations is about to introduce relevant operational documents as soon as possible, comprehensively carry out policy training, and sort out the deduction process to allow taxpayers to “less run”... The more detailed the policy, the more comprehensive the considerations, and the fewer problems in the later implementation process.
To further optimize the key step of the tax reform, the goal is to pay attention to people's livelihood and follow the public opinion. For paying a tax, everyone has their own demands, subject to restrictions on the conditions of collection and management, the new rules are not satisfactory. The next step is to continue to improve according to the taxpayer's appeal and the maturity of the collection and management conditions. It always satisfies the taxpayer's reasonable complaints, and better responds to the people's expectations in improving the policy deepening reform, so that a fairer tax system can boost the Chinese economy. Be steady and far-reaching.
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