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2018 Fongming Cable Spring Outing!
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2018-04-16Company News游客:129

The spring breeze and ambiguous sunshine are the best time for people to go out to play. In order to breathe the breath of spring, enjoy the care of nature and enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force. From April 11 to 12, all staff of Fongming Cables organized Wuxi Lingshan Dajue Temple and Anhui Taiji Cave on the 2nd tour. This is Yangzhou City. The large-scale group event held every year at Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory aims to allow everyone to fly in the spring season, away from intense work pressure, and have close contact with nature in order to stimulate passion for work and life.
On the morning of April 11th, 2018, Fongming Cable's staff and some families of nearly 200 people were happy to leave. They all sang songs and laughed and talked happily. They quickly reached the destination country's 5A class tourist attraction and the Wuxi Lingshan Buddha. Lingshan Giant Buddha is a world-famous scenic spot. It is located between the mountains and waters of Mashan National Scenic Area in Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is also one of the important components of the national AAAAA-level tourist attraction Wuxi Lingshan Scenic Area. The Buddha body is located in Mashan, Wuxi. On the south side of Qin Lvfeng, it was opened on November 15, 1997. The location of the Big Buddha is named as "Lingshan Buddha" named by Tang Xuanxuan. 
The Lingshan Giant Buddha includes a lotus seat with a height of 88 meters, a Buddhist body 79 meters high and copper with a capacity of approximately 700 tons.
The staff of Fongming cable boarded the Lingshan Giant Buddha under the guidance of a tour guide, touched the bergamot, clung to the feet, and watched the famous “Auspicious Vatican Palace” and “Kowloon irrigation”.

In the evening, everyone also watched a cabaret show, which was an excellent relaxation and entertainment for the staff working in the front line for a long time. In the song and laughter, the first day of travel was ended.
The next morning, after gathering at the hotel's doorway, you will depart from Yixing Dajue Temple and Taiji Cave in Anhui. Yixing Dajue Temple is located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. During the period of the Southern Song Dynasty (1265-1274), it was founded by the Zen master of the Ning Dynasty, and it has a history of about 700 years so far. Dajue Temple is located on the east side of Hengshan Reservoir. Jilongshan Mountain has superior resources and is surrounded by mountains and rivers, forming unique geographical landscape features. It is a combination of modern and ancient cultures. It has an antique Jiangnan architectural style and spreads Buddhist ideas through the introduction of Buddhist culture.
At noon arrived in Taiji, Anhui. The formation of the Taiji Cave has an extremely long geological history. It was developed in the limestone in the Hutian Group of the Carboniferous in the Middle and the Qixia Formation in the Lower 2nd Division. Due to the rise of regional crust, wrinkles and fractures occurred, and groundwater moved along its weak links. The continuous erosion and dissolution of carbonate rocks by groundwater formed today's beautiful underground palaces.

After the end of the Tai Chi hole playing, in the afternoon, the company’s employees returned to Xiji Town, Baoying County. The two-day joyous journey, although feeling a bit tired, was very enjoyable. During this spring visit, everyone relaxed their body and mind, relieved the pressure brought by working life, reflected the vitality of Evergreen’s team, and enhanced the feelings among colleagues. In the spring of hope, we are passionate and we sail together with Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory!
It is believed that in the future work, employees will devote more full-hearted work enthusiasm to their jobs and contribute their strength to the flourishing development of Yangzhou Fongming Cable Factory!

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